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LMFAO - NY Times Live Show Review

on Thu, 08/13/2009 - 10:33

Among the magic acts pulled off by LMFAO in its small-hours performance at the Highline Ballroom on Friday morning, the least expected was a resurrection of the mythological Hydra.

From time to time during its set, a young woman would worm her way onto the stage, climbing up from the crowd. After letting her dance for a few seconds, a security guard would tug at her arm and whisk her away. In the meantime another one (or two, or three) would appear in her place, and so on. Like lemmings they were, inexorably drawn to a dubious fate.

LMFAO, the duo of Redfoo and Sky Blu, hails from Hollywood but is best known for its relentlessly croaking-and-banging club hit “I’m in Miami Bitch,” which is colossally goofy but brutally effective. Released last month, LMFAO’s debut album, “Party Rock” (, is full of more of the same: puerile, Daft Punk-influenced club rap, painted with bold disco ebullience. Sometimes it’s soulless, and sometimes it’s dim, but it’s never dull.