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8Flavahz perform to "Party Rock Anthem" on America's Best Dance Crew (Sneak Peek)

on Wed, 05/30/2012 - 21:20

Here is a sneak peek from the episode. Tune in tonight at 10PM ET/PT on MTV



T.B's picture

Hi Lmfao! We're chapullers from Turkey! We sent you this video and some photograps to make you understand why we bring up your song (Everyday I'm shufflıng) repeatedly (but in a different version :) ) . As you see from documentary we send, the protest that we started to protect our last green area in city centre in Istanbul has spread all over the country as a result of harsh intervention of cops and dictator manner of goverment. In the beginnig of protest, our prime minister called us as capulcu (chapullers) which means looter. We laughed at this term so much and love! :) As you see from photographs we transform the word as chappulling and we the resisters started a movement with your song. The Turkish media doesn`t do their work, they`re hiding the truth from people here so we need to spread what exactly happening in Turkey all over the world. We request from you at least if you sing your song in our version in a concert or another platform you may make the people notice this protest in Turkey. Yes! we are all chapullers and we`re chappulling everyday! :),r:12,s:0,i:115&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=181&tbnw=176&start=0&ndsp=20&tx=64&ty=69,r:16,s:100,i:54&iact=rc&page=5&tbnh=192&tbnw=192&ndsp=28&tx=123&ty=75